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Our head Quirkshop office (aka dining room table) where Quirkshop was started, is based in Lower North Shore, Sydney. ​This is where, with a baby and toddler on her lap, Anja finally managed to launch Quirkshop after 3 years of brainstorming and planning. 


Anja Venn
Mom of a precious little girl & boy, over the years, Anja has gained experience as an Event and Wedding Manager, Graphic Designer, Flight Attendant & Co-Founder of The Glasshouse Co., an online store.


Going from working long hours in a buzzing start-up office in Sydney's CBD, Anja thought she'd easily adjust the "quieter and calmer" stage of life that maternity leave might bring when her little girl came along. Surprisingly, her beautiful baby turned out to be everything but quiet and calm! Bursting with life and energy, days were busy with her daughter. However she struggled getting used to being home alone with a baby, with a feeling of not having accomplished much at the end of each day, besides keeping a cute little human alive, that is! Dare she admit it, but she was sometimes a bit fed up doing laundry, picking up raisins and changing nappies. She missed connecting with adults, being creative and all activities on offer were either too expensive to do on a regular basis or focused solely on babies. Being a crafty person, Anja started thinking of offering craft courses from home, as a way for moms to meet up. She quickly realised, that this was something that could help many other moms out there. However, not just moms, people who have hobbies they enjoy and would like to share with others, or for those looking to casually earn some money on the side, short or long term, those looking for various fun things to try out and tick off their bucket lists - the possibilities are endless. ​And that's how the idea for quirkshop was born!